// S + D // A magical marriage between declarations of love and happy moments

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“And now you can kiss the bride”. It is with a heartfelt and long-awaited kiss that begins officially life as husband and wife of Silvia and Diego. The religious ceremony that united them in marriage was celebrated, in the presence of all the dearest affections, in the Church of San Pietro in Calibano of Villa Fastiggi (in the province of Pesaro-Urbino).

Silvia and Diego never stopped surprising us on their wedding day. Over the course of the day, the boys have repeatedly declared their deep feelings.
We were very impressed by a gesture that the groom made to his bride. After the religious rite and during the filming of the wedding film, Diego wanted to show all his deep love for Silvia. He knelt down and made a declaration of love to her again. The magic moment culminated in the delivery of a precious gift: a ring with a pearl.
Pearl rings are a symbol of safety and energy. White, pure and perfect: innumerable are the myths and meanings attributed to reading, even if among the beliefs diffused in every part of the world, there is always a reference to a divine and magical origin of this jewel. That of Diego, towards Silvia, was a significant, profound and unexpected gesture because it surprised everyone, first of all his Silvia.
Each couple hopes that their special day will be perfect and for each of them the time comes to plan all the reception in detail. The bride and groom chose Villa La Cerbara as their wedding location. The Villa is one of the most popular places in the Marche region for this type of celebrations. Those who choose to celebrate their wedding day in these environments certainly do so because they are moved by a deep love for nature and the sea of the Adriatic Riviera.
The Marche region is one of the Italian regions able to offer at the same time and in one place two different and breathtaking sceneries and to offer a panoramic view.
We, as a team of wedding videographers, only enjoy the panoramas that our regions can offer us and that allow us to realize exemplary destinations wedding. This is why we like to make the most of every little facet in order to make a real wedding movie that is both exciting and scenic.
We wish Silvia and Diego well. We thank this wonderful couple for having made us live a happy day at their side.



Videographer / Tears Wedding Film |

Photographer / Antonio Carbone Fotografo |

Venue / Villa La Cerbara |

Bride and Groom Dress / Il Giardino della Sposa |

Flowers / Garden Plan ; L’Orchidea |

Make Up / Lips Make Up |

Hair Stylist / Alice nel Paese delle Meraviglie |