Italian Wedding Videographer: the figure of the specialist videographer

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Who’s the wedding videographer?

In the wedding’s world more and more often we talk about a new specialized figure: the wedding videographer. He is a professional who makes perfect movies. This figure personally takes care of the wedding film with technical skills and sensitivity. The skill of the wedding videographer is evident from the ability to narrate each event in an original and never repetitive way, with so much love and with an artistic touch that must never be missing.

On the wedding day the wedding videographer works alongside the wedding photographer to realize the story of the most important day of each couple’s life. Like any respectable film, even the wedding film is considered an artistic form, a film production that is born from a long and scrupulous workmanship. The wedding videographer takes care of the entire development of the film product, from the pre-production and processing phase, to the post-production and distribution phase. 

For the realization of the wedding film every married couple should choose a professional and experienced videographer and avoid turning to the generic studio. This usually offers dual service, photographic and videographic. The two professionals work closely together, but they must be distinct. Videomaker, dealing exclusively with the video, will give life to a final product of a higher quality. 

Why choose the independent videographer and not a photographic studio?

Videographer and photographer always work side by side, but they represent two independent figures. The two sectors are clearly different. Bride and groom should not buy a unique package because this choice could spill over on success and compromise the quality of the video. Wedding movie is the memory par excellence of the special day, it is the exact transposition of everything that will happen during your “Yes, I do”.

The wedding film is the final product that develops by virtue of the technical skills, practices and creative abilities of the independent videographer. In this way you will have the certainty of relying entirely on his stylistic choices, his professionalism.

The couple and the wedding videographer establish a solid trust relationship. This complicity is important because the video operator will follow the couple step by step from the very first moments, from the signing of the contract to the most intimate and special moments of the wedding day. The videographer empathizes with the couple and captures the true essence of their emotions. Then, these and the bride and groom will become the protagonists of an emotional wedding movie. 

The wedding sector gives to the videomaker an important role for the excellent success of a wedding. Until recently the distinction between wedding videographer and wedding photographer was known in some areas of central and northern Italy and abroad thanks to the celebration of destination wedding and luxury wedding. Destination weddings make our beautiful country famous and attractive all over the world. Today, however, our territory is full of independent studies of wedding videographers. The clientele understood the importance of this professional figure.

Be a wedding videographer.

Wedding videographers are very attentive to the care of all stages of marriage.

We don’t lose any details and create a connection between the couple and our way of working in order to produce a video that really reflects their personality and style. We are creative, professional and sensitive to filming the bride and groom and their emotions. The attention in performing our work with precision comes from the awareness that the wedding day is a unique experience. Every couple deserves to feel the protagonist of a film.

We film your emotions, as our slogan says, those same emotions that you will live forever watching the movie of your wedding.



Location // Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo

Wedding Planner // Oro Rosa Wedding Design

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