Elopement Wedding in Positano

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Today we’re talking about a trend that is increasingly taking hold here in Italy, the Elopement Wedding in Positano.

If your ideal wedding in Positano does not differ too much from an intimate event with extremely attention to every detail, the Elopement Wedding with us at Tears Wedding is the experience you’re looking for.

Although in Italy we are used to large weddings and with many guests, lately trends are changing.
There are more and more couples who decide to get married in a private ceremony, inviting only the closest people.

To create an intimate and special wedding, you don’t necessarily have to send an excessive number of invitations.
Today we are starting to abandon conventions and give priority to what we really want.

Italy and its thousand facets lend themselves perfectly to this new trend.
One of the most requested areas to celebrate your intimate wedding is the Amalfi coast.

Positano is one of the most evocative destinations in all of Italy, the perfect place for an Elopement Wedding.
This municipality in the province of Salerno attracts thousands of tourists and visitors to Campania every year, offering cultural attractions, sea, shopping and excellent local gastronomy like nowhere else.

The Amalfi coast with its richness and its proposals is able to satisfy all tastes.
The magnificent vertical cities, the numerous and beautiful beaches, the caves and the breathtaking paths are just some of the beauties of Positano.
Positano offers many perfect locations for a fairytale elopement wedding.
With us at Tears Wedding Film Videographers you will be able to freeze this magnificent day in time.
A light breeze caressing your dress, the sea waves crashing on the rocks, surrounded by loved ones while your groom exclaims his “I do”.
No, it’s not a movie scenario, but it’s an Elopement Wedding, what about you? What are you waiting for to organize yours with us at Tears Wedding?