Tears Wedding Films was born from the passion captured in the images of the most important day in the lives of the couples we film. We distinguish ourselves ensuring your most beautiful and emotional moments will last forever in a style that is uniquely our own. We specialize in capturing your genuine and natural interactions with those whom you choose to share your special day with. Professionally sensitive to the light, love, and memories to ensure your personal film impresses not only those who lived the moment with you but also those who will admire your story of infinite love for many, many years to come.

We strongly value quality over quantity and we promise you will relive your most prescious moments with tears in your eyes. Born from a decade of professional experience and characterized by creativity and consideration.

Tears Wedding Film – We Film Your Emotions


The greatest strength of Wedding Cinema is the beauty with which we present to the viewer, the result of our accurate director’s assessment; the optics and the cinematography that give your personalized video the traits of a cinematic production.

At Wedding Cinema we put two professional filmmakers at your disposition (we have more filmmakers available if the situation requires) to follow you the entire day, ready to capture every tear and happy embrace from you and your guests. Equally important to creating your unique scene is the selection of the music unique to your event and personal style. We have a wide diversity of musical styles available through our licensed providers which will reflect your experience and render your video unique. Our production equipment is of the highest quality taking advantage of DSLR technology to produce cinema quality results.

A wedding day is a unique experience in the lives of a couple and deserves the maximum quality available on the market and you deserve the possibility to see yourselves and your emotions in the cinematic production of a lifetime; your lifetime together…


DSLR 35mm

Video Reflex FULL-HD 1080p
for cinematic images



With professional drone



Audio recording
with professional microphones
for maximum listening quality



Online sharing
of your movies (password protected)


Q: How much does it cost? How can I book the date?

A: Call us or send us an email to make an appointment and we’ll talk about our prices for your wedding day.

Q: Can you “Save the date”?

A: Of course, we’ll decide together how and when to do so.

Q: Can you take drone footage for our wedding video?

A: Of course, it will be help us capture the complete environment and feel of your wedding.

Q: Do you deliver the original clip?

A: Of course, we will save all the files on your personalized device without additional costs.

Q: How many cameramen are there on our wedding day?

A: Always two professional videomakers those who, carefully and readily, will follow you during your wedding day.

Q: How much is your hourly rate?

A: We don’t have a hourly rate, we work for single event with no time limit.

Q: Do you work abroad?

A: Of course, we work anywhere.

Q: What are your delivery times?

A: Our delivery times do not exceed six months from the wedding day.

Q: Do you provide a wedding photoshoot also?

A: We provide only video service but we can suggest you some professional wedding photographers that work with us.


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