Q: How much does it cost? How can I book the date?

A: Call us or send us an email to make an appointment and we’ll talk about our prices for your wedding day.

Q: Can you “Save the date”?

A: Of course, we’ll decide together how and when to do so.

Q: Can you take drone footage for our wedding video?

A: Of course, it will be help us capture the complete environment and feel of your wedding.

Q: Do you deliver the original clip?

A: Of course, we will save all the files on your personalized device without additional costs.

Q: How many cameramen are there on our wedding day?

A: Always two professional videomakers those who, carefully and readily, will follow you during your wedding day.

Q: How much is your hourly rate?

A: We don’t have a hourly rate, we work for single event with no time limit.

Q: Do you work abroad?

A: Of course, we work anywhere.

Q: What are your delivery times?

A: Our delivery times do not exceed six months from the wedding day.

Q: Do you provide a wedding photoshoot also?

A: We provide only video service but we can suggest you some professional wedding photographers that work with us.

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