// R + F // An elegant wedding near the sea – Baia Vallugola – Pesaro (PU)

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To organize the marriage is an unique experience in the life. It is a mixture of emotions, anxieties, fun and imagination. It asks for time, but, the result is not able whether to appear perfect by choosing the correct team of professionals.

The day of the marriage is the moment in which the couple celebrates the solemn promises of eternal love. It’s so that, in front of their families and to the dearest friends, the bridegrooms begin a new adventure and in this way it’s born a new family.

To celebrate the marriage in the natural parks, to few kilometers from the sea, with a good sight on the cities gives a further value to a day of the marriage. Italy, in fact, offers an unique and enviable landscape scenery. For this motive our “Bel Paese” has become one of the wedding destination more aspired of the world. Famous are the region Marche, the region Tuscany or Umbria, the Emilia-Romagna.

Tears Wedding Film is the professional team select to capture the unique moments of the marriage of Roberta and Francesco. The marriage happened in a beautiful day of June. In this occasion, we have had the fortune to typically breathe the perfume of an Italian style, a style that so much fascinates the tourists and the local people.

The restaurant “Il Falco”, in Baia Vallugola, in Pesaro (Pu) has entertained the elegant reception. “Il Falco” is near the sea, inside a location very taken care of and intimate. We have gathered, as videography, every single and unique moment of the wedding day of Roberta and Francesco. We have had a good time together with them.


Videography / Tears Wedding Film |

Photography / Alberto Ghiddi Fotograf0 |

Dress / Mattioli Sposi |

Venue / Il Falco |

Make Up / Magi |

Hair Stylist / Ottava Meraviglia |

Florals / Profumo di fiori |