// C + D // Princess and prince for a day: the wedding at the Castle of Monterado – Ancona – Marche

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The deep love that makes wonderful everything around us and the dream that becomes reality within the walls of a beautiful castle. It would seem like the beginning of a fairy tale and instead we are going to tell you a romantic story really happened.

Today we want to talk about the wedding of Camilla and Davide, literally in adoration in one of the most important days of their life. As soon as they entered into the garden of the location that hosted the wedding their eyes crossed and the emotion took over.

The feeling felt at that precise moment is still alive within us. It is there that it became even clearer to us what it meant for them to be there, one in front of the other.

Love, to say it with the words that bridegroom pronounced during the civil rite, to be real requires two distinct but indivisible subjects; the perfect love is sharing and cooperation, is that feeling able to give without reserve and without asking anything in return. Love – quoting Albert Einstein – « […] is knowing everything about someone, and having the desire to still be with him more than with any other person. Love is to feel at ease and safe with someone, but even more so is to feel your legs yield, when that someone enters a room and smiles on you».

The beautiful love story of Camilla and Davide began almost seven years ago. In August 2012, it was a simple handshake that changed their life. From that day they began to believe in the lightning strike, in that love at first sight that first overwhelmed them and then led them to make one of the most important and exciting steps dreamed for a long time.

The decision to become a husband and wife turned them forever into a “Us”. With the “Yes, I do” and with the symbolic exchange of the wedding rings, a second phase is starting: this is the most beautiful phase to be lived as a “Family” eternally united.

Camilla and Davide really spent their day as a princess and as a prince. A love like theirs, in fact, could only be celebrated in a regal way within a significant location. 

They exchanged the most beautiful promises surrounded by their dearest affections visibly moved for the happy event.

The Castle of Monterado hosted the wedding in the great style. The historic residence, located in the Monterado of Trecastelli (in Ancona), has fascinated everyone thanks to its ability to offer an unforgettable experience in a lovely place. A suggestive panorama, the large Italian garden filled with seasonal flowers and a forest of secular plants have been the setting for the event.

Loving Marche Wedding Planner and Fiorilandia Garden Center make everything even more magical. 

They were able to give a sweet and evocative atmosphere, very romantic and exciting atmosphere with their meticulous work and with their extreme care of details and spaces.

The whole event has turned out to be extremely elegant. There will certainly be many moments that the spouses and their guests will keep in the heart.

Good life to Camilla and Davide from the Tears Wedding Film, the videographers of your unforgettable wedding.


Videographer / Tears Wedding Film |

Photographer / Alberto Ghiddi Fotografo |

Wedding Planner / Loving Marche Wedding |

Venue / Castello di Monterado |

Catering / Silvano Pettinari |

Celebrant / Federico Tassi |

Bride and Groom Dress / Mattioli Sposi |

Flowers / Fiorilandia Garden Center |

Make Up / Artemà |

Hair Stylist / Artemà |