// A + F // Wedding dream: a charm of the uniform

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The charm of the uniform and the dream of every child that it becomes reality. The charm of the uniform is not only a common place. It will be enough for you to assist to a marriage in uniform for to remain surprised by the beauty and by the feelings that only this rite is able of to produce. Will see you a film! The “marriage in uniform” it is a unique rite because an unforgettable moment makes even more magic. For the videographers of marriages, it is very stimulating to realize a dream film of this type. The picket of honor introduces him as a surreal event, from the strong impact. This is the crucial moment in which the bridegrooms and the soldiers establish an indissoluble bond. For the reason that the picket of honor is able to give an unforgettable emotion to the guests. The location that has entertained us for the occasion has attributed more value to the event. Relais Serra Alta has served as a frame to the perfect marriage of Arianna and Fabrizio. Serra Alta is an ancient hamlet of beginning ‘900 surrounded by the nature uncontaminated and situated on the hill of Fermignano (PU).


Videography / Tears Wedding Film |

Photography / Antonio Carbone Fotografo |

Wedding Planner / Susy Cecconi |

Dress / Mattioli Sposi |

Venue / Relais Serra Alta |

Hair Stylist / Essere Parrucchieri Fano|

Florals / Asso di fiori |