The Wedding Connection // Promotional Video // Marche // Borgo Lanciano

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13th March 2019. 150 professionals of the world of the Wedding are met in Castelraimondo (Mc). The beautiful frame of the Relais Borgo Lanciano has entertained people coming from every part of Italy.

The name of the event is “The Wedding Connection – Let’s start together”. This event is born from the strong common desire to create a “zero point” from which to depart and to share the experiences and knowledges.

Lorella Beretta, Anita De Sipio, Rita Dell’Omo, Stefano Pinto and Anita Galafate have been the promoters of the first meet-up.

The event was born with the objective to establish and to consolidate the relationships among the participants, not only from the human point of view, but also in the operation of the job. So, in this way, a nonexistent net (in Italy until 13th March) is born. It is able to put together, in a constructive way, all the professionals of the Wedding sector.

To have the possibility to share the ideas with some great professionals and to make the point of the situation are a positive factor. Only making net we can be proposed us on the market in stronger, definite and convincing way.

In Borgo Lanciano there were numerous tables of comparison. All the operators have put in common their experiences, their points of view and they have broadly discussed between them.

There are not doubt of the good result of the first meet-up: it was a raging success, all people have taken part with enthusiasm. It has represented the first and revolutionary footstep of a long walk to complete all together with the purpose of to grow in terms of knowledges and contacts.

To Stefano Pinto, unforgettable professional that with his ideas and his creativeness, he has known to renew the world of the Wedding.