Wedding Drone: video and aerial footage for the day of your wedding

The drone is the small radio-controlled device. It is capable of rising in the sky without the use of a pilot on board. Recently, it has demonstrated all its high potential. In fact, the use of this apparatus in important ceremonies such as civil marriages and religious marriages is very widespread.

Marriage videomakers realize matrimonial reports with the support of this modern technology. The wedding drone allows you to take photos and shoot videos in high quality and is able to support the entire storytelling of the event.

The narrative of a marriage obtained by this  device uses a documentary style. Everything that happens on your wedding day deserves to be caught. The videographer gives a cinematic and romantic touch that can make original the reportage of your wedding.

The professional in this sector creates a narrative based on the unrepeatable moments experienced by the spouses.
That’s why the drone should never miss on your day “Yes, I want it”.

Thanks to it you will discover hidden corners of the chosen location, enjoy the views and breathtaking landscapes. The drone will follow the bride at one of the most exciting moments of the wedding. He will be there, ready to seize the moment when, accompanied by his father, she is about to join the groom. The drone will allow you to capture a view from above when you leave the church as husband and wife. It will also follow you during the realization of your exciting wedding report.

The quadricopter is the most desired instrument by couples, foreign and not, who choose to celebrate their wedding in our Bel Paese.

Marche, Tuscany, Puglia, Umbria and many other regions of Italy are places that lend themselves well to this spectacularly. Couples who opt for a destination wedding wish to get spectacular footage from above. They want to capture the natural charm of the place chosen for their event. And this, for the videomaker, represents the moment when he can give ample space to his creativity and professionalism.

The drone is able to capture not only every moment lived with the couple, but also the entire landscape at 360°. This is why it is classified as one of the most suitable instruments for special occasions such as weddings.

The work done by the professional will allow the spouses to obtain aerial filming. The operators will allow you to get a complete report and to relive the day they lived forever.
We remind you, however, that in order to use the drone in the wedding sector you must be a licensed driver. It is also necessary to be authorised to carry out this activity by the National Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC).

In the field of wedding drone, the Tears Wedding Film team has always been distinguished by the extreme professionalism and competence.

All drones are insured. The staff consists of highly qualified and authorized operators for the use of quadricopter. Only for you our wedding videographers will make a wedding film with the breathtaking frame of your choice and will film every single emotion. The aerial filming we will make your day even more special and unforgettable.