Destination Wedding in Italy

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In the previous articles, we started to tell you about the Elopement Wedding and about the elopements represented by the Destination Wedding, but today we want to tell you something more.
The Destination Wedding , the type of Wedding preferred mostly by the foreign couples during the last years, It’s an intimate Wedding with few guests and a lot of emotions. We admit that they are our favourite ceremonies because a unique link arises between the newlyweds and the few guests.

destination wedding italy

If the American movies let you think the favourite destinations for the Destination Wedding are always tropical and hot islands, you are making a big mistake.
The favourite destination for the Destination Wedding is Italy because it often makes the newlyweds fall in love during a vacation.

The favourite regions by the newlyweds are the regions situated in the centre of Italy such as : Umbria, The Marche and Tuscany full of hamlets, romantic castles but also rustic farmhouses with unique charm.
Our beautiful Italy, commonly called “Belpaese” gives opportunities to choose between different places for every taste from the covered snow mountains to the Mediterranean islands and your dreamt “ Si / Yes ’” becomes true.

Following the data about Destination Weddings in Italy 2019, realized by the tourist study center for Weddings in Italy, the number of foreign couples who celebrated their wedding in Italy exceeded 9.200 and these data are confirmed by trends that are increasing also in this year that marks an increasing point in the Wedding area.

destination wedding italia

For a perfect Destination Wedding, in addition to the help of a professional team, we keep up the commitment to meet the bride and the groom with some meetings through Skype, to understand the best way to realize a movie that reflects 100% their love story. Moreover, in this way, by meeting and talking to you before your Wedding day , embarrassment will not appear during the Wedding day, everything will be more natural and we’ll have a lot of fun creating your memories.

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