// S + L // The wedding of Silvia and Luca: red and white are the dominant colors

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“You and I are writing the most beautiful pages of our life; starting today there will be endless, all white, to be written together”. It is with these words full of love that began the unforgettable day of Silvia and Luca. On May 25 the couple joined in marriage in the church of St. Augustine, in Pesaro, an imposing church, built in romantic style and with inside numerous and valuable works of art.
For all, the wedding day is not a point of arrival, but a point of beginning because it is the moment in which it is officially given the way to one of the most joyful phases of a couple’s life.
The wedding of Silvia and Luca was dominated by the colors red and white. These colours represent a very fascinating chromatic combination and have only fully revealed the personality of the spouses.
Red is the color of earthly and spiritual love and passion. It is the brightest color and represents warmth and energy. Red is the color that attracts the most attention, as it has a natural communicative force. White, on the other hand, evokes peace, purity and calm. These two shades, apparently in strong contrast, create a dualism of strong visual impact that is hardly forgotten.
This set of elements constituted the perfect inspiration for the organization of the wedding of Silvia and Luca and made their wedding looks perfect.
Silvia and Luca’s was an explosive marriage. Silvia made her triumphant entrance into the church with her bouquet of red roses and accompanied by her dearest friends dressed in this same color. There he found his Luke, who in anxious expectation waited for only her to start their fairy tale.
These aspects have brought out the strong personality of the spouses, but the latter has also been revealed during the filming of their wedding film. We were fortunate enough to capture the newlyweds in a unique setting. We shot the scenes of the wedding film by Silvia and Luca inside the characteristic vineyards in Marche, in the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the Natural Park San Bartolo (in the Province of Pesaro and Urbino).
The Park, which is very famous in the national territory, constitutes one of the four reserves of the Marche Region. Realizing a video service inside these fascinating places is, for us wedding videographers, always very stimulating and allows you to get an eternally evocative wedding movie.
The joy felt by Silvia and Luca has been transmitted to all those present and also to us. The presence and affection of all loved ones allowed the success of the wedding day to be a success.
We thank you for making the Tears Wedding Film a part of your love.


Videographer / Tears Wedding Film |

Photographer / Antonio Carbone Fotografo |

Venue / Lo Scudiero |

Bride Dress / Dalida Sposa |

Bridegroom Dress / Dalida Sposa |

Flowers / Frenguellucci |

Make Up / Da Sabrina |

Hair Stylist / Factory |

Music / Dj Mauro Forbicini |

Firework / Brena Firefox Montemarciano |